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The idea of WARHORSE Endurance Challenges creating a series of freedom rides for slaughter bound horses occured to me in 2023.   After seeing nearly daily the requests to "bail" a horse out of a one way trip on social media.  I thought not only of the unimaginable fate these poor horses faced, I also thought of my people, our little WARHORSE family we have created in this online community and I know how hard times are now, I know how compassionate these riders are and I know that they, too, are flooded with such pleas. After discussing this with my husband, we decided to try to host what we would call a freedom ride.  Timing does not work out to raise $ fast enough to save a horse in that day, though we could find a hardworking and reputable rescue to partner with and we did.  Copper Horse Crusade in Ohio is that rescue, we are not saying that it will be the only rescue we ever pair with though for right now in 2023 this is where we are at.   If we can, we will try to partner once per month and rally behind a horse that has been pulled from the kill buyer via Copper Horse Crusade and by rallying behind that horse, we help them free up funding to get the next horse.  As of the writing of this we have partnered with Copper Horse Crusade to rescue 4 horses #809 Standardbred, #431 Halflinger gelding, Ricky an Amish buggy horse and most recently #383 a recipient (surrogate) broodmare.  If you will partner with us, we like like to keep this going.  Our goal is one event per month if the current month sold out.  Help us save one more.

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It is a one day, one ride or one session that you dedicate to the horse we are supporting for this event.  It is a way for us to connect our WARHORSE Endurance family, riders, drivers, hikers and friends to reach a horse in need. It can be a walk, a ride or better yet a time of volunteering in honor of that horse.  Participants sign up for $15 and at the close of the event we donate $10 per entry fee directly to Copper Horse Crusade.  $5 remaining is for shipping a momento which up to this point is a large sticker that has the number or name of the horse rescued, the year and the month.  My intention of this type of completion momento is that although these events are to support the rescue and the horses, for me this is also to support this wonderful community of riders who are willing to pull together and effect change in the world.  I want this momento to remind us that we did indeed pull together and effect change for that one horse.  We can do this one at a time by standing together behind a good, strong and reputable rescue and help them to do the work that they have taken on, and we do that as WARHORSE Endurance riders, drivers and walkers.

383 is the current horse we are helping in November through Copper Horse Crusade. Click on the sticker for November to join us or click on her image to donate directly to Copper Horse Crusade.

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