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WARHORSE 100 Mile Challenge

Raves & Reviews


What is a WARHORSE?  If you are a runner doing this challenge, maybe it is you, that you have the spirit of a WARHORSE that isn't afraid of taking on a large Challenge.  Click on each image to read a quote from the WARHORSE 100 Mile Challenge participants that sent the images in.  You will see, the spirit of the WARHORSE is strong across not only the US, though also as far as Australia, Germany and Canada.  While originally designed for equestrians in mind, we have chosen to open the WARHORSE Challenge to those who would like to run, hike, bike or walk the 100 mile challenge. 

We have created a positive environment in the group hosted on Facebook and we invite you to join us there.   No advertising, just beautiful pictures from around the world and across the United States. 

"Another 10 miles and beautiful weather today! 25.64 miles this week!  Loving this challenge and seeing everyone's pictures!"

~Misty H~

Our Mission

To provide riders, carriage drivers, runners, hikers, cyclists and walkers  with a goal to aim for, an online community to cheer each other on and a completion award to commemorate their amazing journey.  

"Love this Challenge. Looking forward to many hours in the saddle."~Melody O. 

Our Mission

Our Vision

The original WARHORSE 100 Mile Challenge has largely been a success, and we plan to offer more challenges in the future so that riders, carriage drivers, hikers, runners, walkers and cyclists an join each other in a positive environment & cheer each other on towards their goals and in their journey. 

"Just signed up!! Yay! Extra motivation!!"

~Peggy P.

Sign up your WARHORSE today and join us in the journey to 100 miles!

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