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Frequently Asked Questions

The heart behind WARHORSE 100 Mile Challenge is to give goal striving individuals a goal to aim for, as well as offering a positive and encouraging online community in our facebook group   For you it maybe the original goal of one horse, one rider 100 miles.  


Or it can be walking with either your very young, green, rehabbing  or an elder horse a few miles per day until you reach 100 miles together.  

We are so lucky to have some carriage drivers in the WARHORSE 100 Mile Challenge.  They range from full sized horse to mini.   Yes you can drive your horse for this Challenge!


Now for the questions:

Can I walk my horse & miles count? Yes

Can I do this challenge with multiple horses?  Yes

Can I do this as a running, hiking or biking challenge?  Yes

LIMITED ENTRIES:  What does this mean?  Limited entries on a medal challenge indicates that there are only a set number of medals available for that particular challenge, and that once we reach that number, the entries will close. 

How do I track my miles?  Whatever way works best for you.  There are many free mileage trackers out there.  I use Adidas running, other popular apps are  Equilab, Strava, and  Map My Run.   When you have recorded your mileage, you can keep track of your miles by submitting your results online to the same page you signed up on under "Results" and then "Submit Results".  For example, this is the link to the original WARHORSE 100 Mile Challenge to list results.

How do I turn in my mileage?  WARHORSE 100 Mile Challenge is 100% honor based.  If you say you did the miles, we believe you.

*However* we would really love to see you posting in the facebook group!  Photos, screenshots of your miles, updates on how many miles to go & also videos are welcomed!  We are here to cheer you on & there are many beautiful images shared there from riders across the United States as well as Germany, Switzerland, New Zealand, Australia, Mexico and Canada.


We have a great area & leader board for you to keep track of your progress for each separate Challenge, for example, for the original WARHORSE 100 Mile Challenge leader board/results click here.  Simply click on "Results" and "Submit Results"  be sure to click on the blue button, and you will be able to add the date, miles and notes for multiple rides.  Then submit results and in a few moments you will be updated on the leader board.  Each challenge will have it's own separate leader board & also it's own separate area to submit results.

When do I get my medal?   Email me that you have, indeed, completed the Challenge:

The medals are ordered already, and in mass quantity.  These are some unusual times and as you can imagine, the shipping maybe delayed, though I am excited to get them mailed out to you and will do so as soon as I possibly can!   The high quality embroidered patches are here already for participants outside of the USA, and they are beautiful. 

Do you have an instagram for the Challenge so we can # hashtag the Challenge?  We do!  When you get your medal, please consider posting on facebook or instagram with

#warhorse100milechallenge #warhorse_endurance #rosebud100milechallenge #valkyrie100milechallenge or #ranger100milechallenge

If I live outside of the US can I get a medal?

As noted on the race sign up page, outside of the USA we could not afford shipping on a medal- it started as high as $38.00 per medal.  SO, we have commissioned a beautiful embroidered patch in place of the medal.   But, what if I REALLY want the medal... then email me at with you address, and I will look into the cost of shipping and email you back.  If you are willing to pay the extra shipping, we can send you an invoice & ship your medal.

HEY!  I live in the US and I want a patch instead!  Can I get a patch in place of my medal?  Absolutely.  Simply email me your preference to:

We have more than one horse, I wanted to sign up all three separately, though it will not let me.  How can I do this?  Why is this not letting me sign up more than once?

These virtual Challenges are basically a new thing to the horse world.  This is one of the first of its kind.  Thank you for wanting to support us and sign up for all your horses.   The sign up website is designed for runners, so there would only ever be one runner in the same race.  My suggestion is that you can use initials for additional horses, or the horse's name with your name, for example your horse's name is Champion; your name is Sara Jones.  You could sign up the second horse under the name Champion Jones or SaraChamp Jones.  Be creative, because the site will not allow more than what it perceives as the one runner into the same race twice.  

Where is the free miles tracking log?  It is listed under 'files' in the facebook group

Did I answer all of your questions?  If not, please feel free to email:

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